John + Beri


You know those people you meet and you just know that they’re putting all the good back into the world that they possibly can - yea these two are it.  Their wedding at The Pines at Genesee in Colorado was a representation of how much they love the people in their lives and the earth.

With an emphasis on family and conversation, their daytime wedding led to greeting your neighbor at the ceremony, a mimosa bar, an all vegan + gluten free menu, and lots of family and friends sharing laughs and hugs.

During the speech of John’s parents the sentence was boldly stated: “May the world be changed by your love story”, and I certainly think that it will.

Beri and John met in Costa Rica while teaching English to ESL students, and they brought their knowledge, love and support to kiddos in Roatan as well. After traveling around, Denver called them back and they started their lives in the Mile High City, eventually turning their relationship to a marriage.

Highlights: Daytime lighting, Beri’s dads Porsche, The florals, Billy (their Cat) walking down the aisle, when they all sang to Queen at the end of the reception, the after party, but most of all all their genuine and unique love.  

Dream Team:
Venue: The Pines at Genesee
Dress: A and Bé, Rue de Seine
DJ: Quality Mobile Sound
Catering: The Pines at Genesee
Florist - Sturtz and Copeland (Artist Heidi Mehok) 
Hair and Makeup - BelViso (Beauty by Belviso Artists Kristin Dawkins, Lindsay Miller)
Cake/Cupcakes (all vegan!) Beet Box
Bridal Jewelry - Norah Stella Jewelry from Etsy (Ceremony Jewelry), DONGAA from Etsy (Hair Branch Pins) Buddha Blossom Jewelry from Etsy (After Party Quartz Necklace)
Videographer - Toast Wedding Films
Wedding Rings - Custom made from Evergreen Goldsmiths