David + Lindsey


Weddings can be such a production and big ordeal. But not this beautiful wedding in Golden, Colorado. Nope, not this wedding, because David + Lindsey’s chill backyard wedding was relaxed, simply beautiful, and fun for all involved - including me!

Lindsey and her girls got ready upstairs overlooking their property watching as guests arrived early for cold beverages and conversation. As go-time neared, their guests took part in their unity ceremony by placing a tile in their mosaic that would eventually get their hands prints pressed into it. Such a cool idea, and one that I had never seen before.

Their ceremony, full of laughs + Prince quotes ended with a kiss and the applause cheered on the rest of the evening. Hayrack rides brought guests into town where the reception kicked off with a bang. And by bang, I mean everyone got “Iced” with a Smirnoff Ice under their chair. It was hilarious.

David and Lindsey: Keep being the fun loving humans that you are, and I cant wait to see what adventures come your way through marriage. Cheers!

Highlights: Lindsey + David’s killer home aka ceremony site, apples upon entrance, the beautiful arbor made by family, turning around right before the ceremony and seeing a few of my friends in attendance! (smallll world), Photo Locations on mountainside, hayrack rides to the reception, When the ENTIRE reception got “Iced” with Smirnoff Vodka Shooters under each of the chairs, The Shoe Game!, Fresh Hamburgers, All sorts of love and laughter.

Dream Team:
Venue: Their cozy home + The Mountaineering Center in Golden for their reception
Wedding Coordinator: Ashley Zimmerman
Caterer: Bob’s Atomic Burgers
Florist: Self
DJ: Matt DiAno
Hair + Makeup: Anita Mcgann
Wedding Rings: A Friend and Local Artist