Jon + Meaghan

Photography brings me in contact with some of the most amazing humans. I get to be an intimate part of their lives for just a second, a kaleidoscope of emotion that I am so fond of. I could just squeeze these two! They were champs by braving the cold and the wind for their photoshoot. I mean, wiiiiiiiiind.  If it wasn't such a bone-chilling hurricane of misery, I would have asked to stay out there all day with them.  But alas, Colorado wins again. 

In the end I can thank creativity, for having blessed me with a charmed, interesting, passionate existence. Because with out creativity and photography, I would have never met Meaghan and Jon and their adorable son Henry. And without all of this, we wouldn't have been on that mountain top. and I like mountain tops. 

Okay, I'll stop talking.