Phil + Brittney

What constitutes a great place?  Is it a beautiful landscape? Loved ones? A budding career?

I'd argue a cocktail of all of the above. And that's what I got when Phil, Brittney and I met up for their engagement photos. 

I love it when life comes full circle. I've known these two for a few years, and life's circumstances had drawn us apart for a bit. You can imagine my expression when I opened up my inbox one day to an email from the beautiful Brittney injuring about wedding photography! Heck yes I'd love to photograph your wedding day, but most importantly catch up on life, love and all things exciting. 

These two never cease to amaze me with their passion for all things. Love, Life, Careers. Brittney is crushing her job at a solar company, and Phil is dominating the craft brew industry and even entrepreneurship.  This is why my job is so fun. I get all jazzed up (people still use that phrase, right?) about taking photos, but I also get jazzed up (there it is again) in learning about other people's passions. What makes them wake up in the morning. 

Our initial meeting over coffee inspired me. Their ideas for a different type of engagement session got my creative juices flowing, so we went to my favorite spot in Colorado for some outdoor love. However, the ending of the photoshoot is where the magic happened. Old Major was kind enough to let us play after the brunch crowd had gone home. I love sessions like this, where its real life. Its showcasing you can love someone no matter where you're at! At brunch, on a hike, in the grocery store, heck even at the DMV (Anyone up for an engagement session at the DMV?)

Anyhooters: The photos are more interesting than my rambling. So here ya go, friend!