Scott + Felicia Engaged


My heart shines when couples know who they are and they let it shine. Felicia and Scott are 100% committed to their faith and that's what makes them them. Even the moment they met, faith was intertwined and made itself a huge part of their relationship. 

Picture this: Felicia and her girls were hanging out at a local bar in Georgia. When a mutual friend introduces Scott to Felicia, sparks begin to fly. One of the first questions Scott asked her, was inquiring about the bracelet she had on. It was from the Passion conference she had just attended. One that Scott had been to years previously.  After a clumsy move where Felicia ended up with a spilled beer down her blouse, a first date was set.  Numbers were exchanged.  

When you get beer spilled all over you, things will get damaged. Clothes, a purse, possibly a phone. And that's exactly what happened. Felicia's phone went on the fritz and Scott had been texting her for a few weeks (1 month according to Scott) with no reply! He'd been ghosted.  But when she fixed her phone, and reached out to him, he breathed a sigh of relief and they got together, for church service. Throughout dating, Scott would text her bible verses, and she was hooked. These two are meant to be together 

I just adore this love story. It's sassy and sweet and all things that make a relationship fun. I know they'll make the most beautiful bride and groom in their Atlanta wedding. And more importantly an amazing husband and wife. Congratulations in advance, and I can't wait to see your wedding photos!