Ryan + Klancy Married


In this simple scene, two madly in love humans stroll through a field - the forest is alive. These aspens which are not mere backdrops to our existence but active presences affecting who we are, what we believe, and how we live. 

Klancy and Ryan advocate this loudly. Living their lives to make this world a better place: taking care of our environment, our peers, and our homes. I won't go into their career paths, because that's not what defines these two. It's their love and affection to each other and their surroundings. 

Lots of photos were captured that day. Friends and family using iphones and DSLRs. Although I've known Klancy for 10 years or more (College Softball Teammates), and Ryan for a few years, their guests and I are outsiders. Outsiders to their most intimate love. However, all of the outsiders that took photos that day, depict them in such similar ways - suggesting that no matter who takes the photo, their love has a magic all its own. 

Their wedding day was absolutely enchanting. Down to each detail, I was in a photographer's dream. Custom turquoise jewelry for Klancy, a vintage turquoise tie clip for Ryan. Her flowers by Natalie Boyer-McClain radiated with beauty. The Dress, the suit and tie, the landscape at Purgatory Resort in Durango, CO. All of it was magnetic.

Klancy and Ryan: I can not tell you how humbled I am to have captured your wedding day. I honestly can't wait to watch your grow in your marriage through many adventures together. And without further words from your little 'ol photographer. Here are my (many) favorites from your day. Love you two! CHEERS!

Ps. If you're in the Durango area, do yourself a favor and rent yourself a campervan from these two gems. They are the owners of VangoDurango!