Michelle + Shaundell MARRIED

I got to spend the day surrounded by people who understand what life is about. Love and laughter. My cheeks have never hurt so much after one day behind my lens.  

Let me describe to you the preceremony mood. I walk into Michelle's moms beautiful Boulder home to Michelle in curlers with the biggest smile on her face. Now THIS is how I want every wedding day to start. A huge spread of breakfast and fruit prepared by Michelle's mom, six bridesmaids scattered about getting hair and makeup done, and nothing but love and happiness.  

I head over to check on the boys and they are out back on the porch listening to 90s rap and bustin' out the Kid n' Play moves. Seriously, how is this my JOB?!  

The "first look" at the church and their personal vows were enough to make a girl shed some tears while trying to hold it together and take some photos. Even though I couldn't hear their
vows, their body language said it all. I am so happy for these two love birds. 

The ceremony started off with the wedding party and Shaundell dancing down the aisle to "Latch" by Sam Smith. As soon as I look up for a split second from my camera, I notice the wedding guests start to bust a move in their seats. I crack up and quickly get back to taking photos. This is the BEST. DAY. EVER.

To end the day, we celebrated in Shaundell and Michelle's backyard, under lights strung throughout their massive tree. They started to learn a formal dance that they'll continue to learn throughout their lives. They only knew a few steps for their first dance, and it was beautiful. To not finish a routine for your wedding, and have the plans to continue to learn and add to it, is the same idea of a marriage. Continually learning and growing together.

This is what weddings are about. Not how much money you can spend on champagne fountains and chair covers. Its about a gathering of family and friends, dancing together to music and toasting to loving one another. 

This is one wedding I'll never forget. Congratulations Shaundell and Michelle. May you have a marriage more beautiful than your perfect wedding day. Cheers.