Jim + Alicia ENGAGED

Laughter. All. Day. Long.

This is what happened while on our train themed engagement shoot. We reenacted the Titanic, Danced on train decks, and ended the day by getting yelled at by security guards :) Oops!

It doesn't get any better than this folks. These two jokers are madly in love, have a great dog, a beautiful house that I'm gonna party at in the new future, and to top it off ... They're my friends! I win. 

Actually they win because they have found the meaning of life. Laughter. Love. Dance. Dogs. Beer. Trains.

Sheldon Cooper would be so proud, minus the beer.  

Alicia and Jim: I can't wait to see where this crazy thing called life brings to you. But it's going to be a fun train ride.  

Love you guys! Cheers!