James + Dani MARRIED

What does family mean to you? Is it your mom, dad and any siblings? Maybe your crazy aunt from up north? What about your friends and relationships who spend every day with you? 

All of the above? Yes.  

James and Dani demonstrate the meaning of family with no error. Their son Derek is a bright young boy with a personality to fill a room (and dance moves to challenge anyone on the dance floor). Not only do they show love to their son, but to everyone around. Their wedding day was no less. They are kind, passionate, and caring. And damn fun people to be around. 

Evergreen painted the picture for the day they made it official. A faint dusting of snow made photos a bit chilly, but worth it as we scampered around in the hills.  As as made our way to the venue, they popped champagne to celebrate the love. 

What a fan-flippin'-tactic day.  

Now if you've made it this far in my blog, I'm guessing that you've read through my wedding day packages. But if you haven't (what are you waiting for?) you'll notice that in every package it mentions that I'll dance at your wedding in some form. I believe dance is one of THE BIGGEST and BEST avenues of happiness. So why not dance at my clients receptions? I'm not some amazing dancer, but I can cut a rug and it gets people to relax. However, at the Ford wedding I stepped it up a notch. 

I got word that Dani, some of her bridesmaids and a good friend of mine, Sally (a phenomenal Zumba instructor!)  were planning a secret flash mob to surprise James after the garter toss. OF COURSE IM JOINING IN! The details were tough to sort out as I had to get photos of the flash mob as it happened and see James' reaction. Which was priceless. Seriously. 

Midway through the songs I jumped in the flash mob, camera in tow. Praying to the camera gods that I don't drop my equipment, I dance my little heart out with my girls while their guest list cheer and go nuts. 

Yep. That happened. Video to come, but those who know me even a little bit know that this story is most definitely true. "Yea, that sounds like Ashley" you're all thinking.  

I love my job. That's really what this boils down to. I love seeing families join forces, couples give themselves to eachother for eternity, and friends dance the night away. I'm thankful that James and Dani are not only a part of the Ashley Tiedgen Photography family, but that I'm a part of theirs. 

I wish you a lifetime of family adventures, inspiring moments with Derek, and loving date nights. Cheers to the Ford Family!