Matt + Wendy MARRIED

Aspens. Canned champagne. 80s cover band. Good food paired with alcohol. Glow sticks. These 5 items Make up Matt and Wendy's wedding in the mountains. These two are so chill and fun which is a combination I am extremely fond of. 

While taking photos before the ceremony, driving from location to location, we kept her flowers alive by placing them in her iron man glass full of water. Yea, my brides complete iron man competitions. I seriously get the coolest brides! 

The ceremony was on top of a mountain with a view to die for. The scene was of love, happiness, nature and the land. It was a dream wedding through and through. 

Their reception was at Artwork Network, a gallery I tend to gravitate towards on the daily. Their curations are always on pointe. Wendy's hand made decorations, aspen branches in every corner, and delicious food stations made this reception sensational.

As good food and great people circulated the space, I felt at home. Never was a time where I felt like I was working - a perk of wedding photography. I gain new friends and families, welcomed into their big day, and have the chance to celebrate their love.  I love my job.

Congratulations to Matt and Wendy. I wish you a lifetime of Ironman competitions, very few injuries, love, laughter and lots and lots of adventures. Cheers!