An Insight To The Talents Of Ashley Joon

"I’m on a continuous journey to live a creative life. I encourage everyone to create the life they’ve always imagined and most importantly, have faith in the journey."   - Ashley Joon

On her website she describes her painting technique that is paired with dancing. This is how I know we're friends on the deepest level. Any of you who have seen me photograph a wedding, or shoot even a family session, I dance. I'm in the middle of the dance party, camera in tow, dancing alongside the Maid of Honor and Flower Girls. I may not be on rhythm all the time, but honestly who cares? I know you don't, and I certainly don't. So let's party. Dance Party, if you will. 

Similarly, while Ashley is creating masterpieces in her home studio, she grooves and moves. She gets lost in the music, while getting lost in her work - and when she comes back around to reality, and takes a look at the canvas: Its magic. 

Her work has always inspired me. It's beautiful, not only because she paints flowers, but her technique and the way the paint drips down the canvas, brings a personality to each flower. A story as long as the drip, with depth and interest. 

She's amazing, and that's all there is to it. So please, check out her work. You wont be disappointed. 

And for the bride who is so in love with your flowers, you can't stand thinking of them dying - Ashley paints custom bridal flower paintings!!