Ryan + Jessenia ENGAGED


Where do I even start with these two? Two of the most important people in my life, who capture so much of my heart and love. 

Let's start with Ryan, my amazing older brother.  Siblings often take different paths, and life may often separate them. Between states, between cities, between houses. Ryan and I have lived in different states for almost a decade now, and our relationship hasn't been stronger.  Distance is no hurdle to inspirational phone calls, sharing photos of recent projects and happenings, and life in general. I could not be luckier to have a sibling, such as him, to look up to. He taught me to follow your dreams, no matter what the circumstances. To breathe every second knowing that you're doing what you love, and make all efforts to do it with your values in mind. To consistently become better by never letting your learning curve plateau. These lessons will forever be the driving force behind my work.

The Loving Jessenia: I could not have asked for a better sister-in-law. From the moment we met, I felt our souls groove naturally together. She's caring, sarcastic, inspirational, loving, and has a sense of individuality.  The perfect counterpart for my brother. I can call on her with a problem, a worry, or just a simple greeting. She cares for our family with her whole heart, a quality we respect and cherish greatly. Because, you know, we can be a little crazy sometimes. 

On a side note: I can finally stop bugging my mother for a sister. :)

I cant wait to witness the ride of their unique spirits as they join together in marriage this summer, back home under the beautiful Nebraska sunset. I was beyond honored to photograph their engagement session in their home of Los Angeles. I just love these two to the ends of the earth.

Cheers to the soon to be, Mr and Mrs Tiedgen. (AHHH!)