Jason + Carissa


Where do I start here? Maybe with a thank you.  

Thank You Carissa for being the one who's been taming my mermaid hair for years. Ya'll she's the best hair stylist in Denver so go check her out. My hair was a mess before she got her hands on it. She's a color wizard and a beautiful soul.

Jason: Thank you for loving this woman. You two fit together like stars in the sky, and I'm so honored to have captured your engagement session. Your Mexico destination wedding will be so amazing, maybe I'll just end up at the same resort around that time. lol. Kidding. Sort of.

These two took a leap of faith with me and went to a location that I've been a hundred times, but never photographed at. LOL - YUP A DOG PARK!  My four legged fur-baby and I walk this park frequently, and I had always admired the mountain views, the rolling hills, and the meadows of unique desert-like plants. So we met up here, and magic happened.

After a few initial poses and prompts, Jason and Carissa got really into it and we started playing around with Double Exposures. They threw out ideas left and right, and I loved the collaboration that happened. I absolutely love their gallery, and I'm so so so so so stoked to share it with you. 

Feast your eyes on this.