Howard Family


I drove out to Meggin + Patricks house to photograph this growing family two years ago for a maternity photography session ... one of my favorite family photo sessions to date. How bizarre is it that on the exact same day two years later, I drove out to their new house, for maternity session #2. The universe is crazy, I tell ya.

I get a little giddy every time a client contacts me about an in home session to document their newest family member, their love for one another, their traditions, or whatever!  There is something so incredibly special to be invited into a client’s home and document a newborn and their family (Watch for their next session coming up, when Baby #2 comes home!).  Storytelling through photographs has always been something I have loved and I am thrilled to now be offering these type of in home lifestyle sessions to my clients.  Anyways, back to the real deal. 

The Howards are such a unique family, with killer artwork throughout their house, design oozing from every room.  Their personalities a mix of sweet, hip, interesting + bold: I couldn't adore them any more. Except when it comes to their spunky little one, Eleanor. She's so adorable, with big bright eyes, and a smile that lights up a room.  She's got my heart.

My trick with Ellie? When she wasnt feelin' the photoshoot, I'd let her take a photo on my camera. Her eyes light up like the fourth of July, when she saw her work on the screen. What a doll.

Anyways, Baby #2 is on its way, and Meggin is a stunning mama-again-to-be, and Patrick a handsome daddio. Without further ado, I present to you, The Howards. 

SIDE NOTE: Keep scrolling to see the most hilarious outtake, that had to make the highlight reel!