Nick + Nikki


Any one who makes up voices for their dog and talks for them - IS THE COOLEST HUMAN EVER. So on our drive out to the middle of no where, when Nick and Nikki (I know, I know, perfect name combo, huh?) talked for their doggie Aspen, I about lost it. I DO THAT ALL THE TIME! Glad I'm not the only one. 

These two are so much fun with their constant laughter, jokes, up-for-anything-attitude, and most of all their love for each other. Its a sassy kind of love. The down to earth type that you know will be comforting in the rough times, but it's the everyday happy-go-lucky passion that will fuel their lives.  I am so excited to capture their wedding day this winter. 

I have fallen in love with someone that shares my sense of humor. Nothing is better than looking over at the one you love and know they’re smiling for the exact same reason.
— internet. (but it fit so perfectly with these two!)