Steve + Selena


You know how I'm constantly laughing, making jokes, being majorly sarcastic?  Take that and mold it into this couple x 2!  I honestly went home with a sore face from laughing so much. 

Selena and Steve have been together 6 years, and I can imagine all 6 were full of smiles and hugs. They are amazing snugglers, which makes for a perfect night at home on the couch, but also helps during their engagement session!  No prompts to get closer and kiss on each other a little! :) They made a quick stop in Breckenridge to view their wedding venue, hotels, and have their engagement session at Sapphire Point. Beautiful spot!  Then they went off to Telluride to complete a Colorado road trip. I love when I connect so much with couples. Subaru Car Camping, Dancing + (trying) to rap to Warren G "Regulators ... Mount up!", and just being one with the scenery. 

These two currently post up in Tampa, FL, but if Colorado is lucky enough they'll be residents by next year. Come on over to CO, my friends. We got some happy hours to catch! 

Enough of my wordy shenanigans. Here is this loving couple! I can't wait till your wedding. Just a few short months!