Self-Timer Magic

When I'm scouting locations, or hiking around, very rarely am I with someone else. This part of my business is my time to strategize, dream, and just be my weird, creative self.  Everytime I go out, I'm carrying a dress or a unique piece of clothing, jewelry: You name it : so if the opportunity presents itself, I can point my camera towards myself and embrace the situation.

I've come to the point where I schedule our vacations around these types of situations. (Sorry babe!)  Our latest trip to Oregon - Blog Post Coming Soon - was primarily to scope out the land and I found some epic spots to dress up. I brought along an outfit that could very well be worn for a wedding dress, and I hope to attract brides that think outside of the box for their attire.  

A majority of these photos were taken by myself, using a Pulse (Nope that's not an affiliate link. I just love this product so much that I need to share it) but some were taken by my fiancé Shea.  It's gotta be annoying to travel with a photographer. I'm constantly stopping and holding up our progress because of some pretty scenery or foliage.  So for putting up with me and my camera: I thank you, Shea. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  There's something magical about hiking into a remote location, putting on a dress, and dancing alone in the woods. Cheers friends.