Craig + Mindy Married

Steamboat Springs, Colorado: a city standing at 6,732 feet, is home to an internationally known ski resort and has been the locale of many world-class skiing competitions.  While this is quite the impressive statistic, I'd say having Mindy and Craig as residents takes the cake. 

These two warm my heart. They are kind, caring, sarcastic, and party animals. They live life to the fullest, and love those around them hard. I guess those who possess these wonderful traits, could only carry on certain careers. Craig: Firefighter. Mindy: Flight Nurse.  CAN THESE TWO GET ANY MORE PERFECT? nope. 

Their wedding day had my head on a swivel. The surroundings at their ceremony were breathtaking. I've decided I'm moving to Steamboat. Hey Mindy and Craig... care if me, my fiance, our cat and our dog, and all of my camera equipment crash in your basement for a while? Kidding... sorta. But seriously, Steamboat is like singing a love song to your eyes. Everywhere you look, is another spot you could stare at for hours. Views that last for miles upon miles.  I miss it. 

Plus we got to play on a firetruck. Yep.

I say this about every couple "I can't wait to see what adventures these two get into." But seriously, I can't wait to see what adventures these two get into.  Between international travels, work assignments, and whatever else they decide to embrace, its going to be epic. Their love will shine bright, their wild side will glow, and their hearts will burst with glitter.  Not really, but that would be incredibly crazy!

Anyhooters, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MALCHOW'S!  You're some of my favorite.

Dream Team:
Venue: Catamount Ranch + Club
Hair + Makeup: Sophie from Off 7th Studio
The Dress: Vera's House of Bridals, Wisconsin
Florist: Steamboat Floral
DJ: Elite DJ
Caterer: The Drunken Onion