Sarah + Charles MARRIED

Wedding season has only just begun, and this is my third bride named Sarah (with an H)! But this wedding was anything but ordinary. It was not only the celebration of the union of Sarah + Charles, but also Braylen, Charles' son. With three "first looks" it was an emotional day.  The first "first look" was with Sarah's dad. I haven't had the chance to photograph a moment like this yet, and I loved it! It was an absolutely beautiful moment when Sarah and Charles had their first look, then brought Braylen out for another first look. The smile on his face seeing Sarah in her beautiful dress and Charles in his crisp suit and tie, was priceless. The hugs and tears that came after were incredibly powerful, enough to make me tear up. 

These two are meant to be together. Through the thick and the thin, the tough and the easy, the good times and the bad: however you want to state it, these two are a force to be reckoned with. They have a love that will heal the pain, and fuel the passion. I just adore them. They danced back down the aisle, showing how excited they are to be married. My kind of couple!

The day was beautiful, with History Colorado as the venue. The cityscape of Denver looming over us on the 4th floor balcony during the first look, cocktail hour and of course during more photos later on at night. We felt the energy of the city enter the wedding party as the guests danced the night away to 90s music. 

Sarah and Charles and Braylen: I wish you an absolutely beautiful marriage, full of love, family, 90s dance parties, and amazing adventures. Cheers to you!

It was a million tiny little things, that when you added them all up, it meant we were supposed to be together. And I knew it.
— Tom Hanks, Sleepless in Seattle