At Home with Alex and Amber

Alex and Amber have done things a little differently (HECK YES!). They're recently married, but never had a ceremony, huge dance party, or the hangover the next day. They instead, quietly and lovingly said their vows from the comfort of their own bed, and wanted an At Home session to capture this time in their lives. Just the two of them, and their adorable home.   Then of course we stepped outside for a bit, because we do live in Colorado, and it's insane outdoors. 

Amber and Alex have been on the move much of their relationship, so this space is finally one to call their own. A home to start their lives together. I can remember when Amber met Alex, and how she spoke of him with light in her eyes. She told me of how he was different, how they were different. I get it now after meeting Alex. Yes, these two are different. They speak frequently of the love they have for each other, wanting everyone to know the level of passion and respect they feel. Honestly, I left this session with tears in my eyes and a full heart. How the hell is this my JOB!? Jeze, I'm lucky.

It was seriously such a fun day & probably the cutest way to do an indoor engagement session. I definitely welcome more sessions like this in the future! Cheers to the newly weds. You two are some of my favorites.