Photographer turned Bride-To-Be

All photos taken by my amazing brother, Ryan, who grabbed my camera sitting on the couch and captured this amazing moment for us. 

All photos taken by my amazing brother, Ryan, who grabbed my camera sitting on the couch and captured this amazing moment for us. 

It's taken me a little bit to write this post, as my mind is a complete blur. We just got back from a vacation to Sayulita, Mexico. If you haven't checked out this surf town, you're missing out! ((And behind trend!)) But shhhhh, we don't want it to become the next Cancun. 

Sayulita has easily become one of my favorite places, because during our stay, Shea asked me to be his wife! It was the most magical moment filled with tears, hugs, smiles and one loud YES! 

The story: Shea and I love traveling, and we recently got word of Sayulita, Mexico from some close friends. We gathered up our family and their significant others and made our way down to this colorful surf town, right outside of Puerto Vallarta.  The house we rented at the top of a hill was stunning, with views of the whole town, the beach and the sunset was insane. Another fun fact: we love to cook. We're always cooking up a storm at home so on vacation, you better believe we'll be cooking just as much. With a huge outdoor kitchen on our rooftop patio, the food was prepping hard. The scene is set. 

As the sun started to go down, I'm elbows deep in garlic shrimp getting them on skewers to grill. Shea stops and gathers everyone around for a toast to the view, the company, and ultimately to us. At the beginning of his toast, I'm a little preoccupied as I couldn't find a towel to dry my hands after washing them. Dripping water from my fingers, he turns the toast to me. "And that's why in front of you all, I would like to ask Ash to be my wife." Wait, what?! OMG it's happening! 

Shea is down on one knee and I start to tear up. The ring is stunning! I'm pretty sure at this point I cussed a few time "F*€% yes I'll marry you!" Or something to that effect. Honestly, I don't remember. I think I blacked out a bit. Haha. Can't take me anywhere. 

Dinner is served and we eat our bellies full. Then after a ton of photos we hit the town and find live music at a rooftop bar. My life couldn't be better at this moment. I have a my best friend that I get to marry, our family is with us, we're in another country dancing to live salsa music. Pinch me. 

Well, that's the story of the best day of my life (so far). I can't wait to explore more of this world with my soon to be husband. Holy shit, it's so cool to say that. I love you, Shea.  

So, what's been the best part of wedding planning for you? Your favorite store? The best advice you have received? Tell me everything, friends!