Making the Leap

Oh that pup? That's Teller. Our blue heeler mix furbaby.

Oh that pup? That's Teller. Our blue heeler mix furbaby.

Yesterday was my last day I'll sit in a cubicle. My last day of working towards someone else's dreams. Today, I woke up, and sleepily strolled into the next room, to my home office. My studio space. The tiny little bedroom-converted-office that will be the space where I'll make my dreams come to life.

I'm no stranger to hustle. I can not remember a time where I was only working 1 job. During college, I worked on campus at multiple spots, off campus serving tables, played collegiate softball, and took a full schedule of art classes. Since college, I have had full-time jobs, plus tons of side-hustles.  I have glorified "being busy", until today.  Today, I woke up with 1 job. A full-time photographer. 

holy. shit.

I am full-time photographer. I made it. I'm shouting and giggling with excitement. Doing a little happy dance in my office. Dance with me, dangit! This is exciting! My cat, Elton, thinks I'm crazy. Maybe I am.

Now that I have left my corporate job to work full time in my business, I'm excited to slow down a bit. To think through what makes me tick. I now have time to expand knowledge, learn all the things, try and fail, and try and succeed. I am so happy I am here. My face hurts from smiling so much.

I'm so happy you're here with me, reading this. I'm pouring my fears and dreams out to you through this blog. Please follow along as my journey continues, but now in a different capacity.

“I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, and weird life.”

— Jeff Buckley

Me too, Jeff. Me too.