Cody + Heather ENGAGED

This beautiful, small town Colorado couple, Cody and Heather, met me right before sunset for their engagement shoot at one of my favorite places to photograph. It's in the middle of Westminster (I know what you're thinking, Westminster?!?!) and as you drive up it doesn't look too special. Like, at all.  But once the sun goes down and we walk under this bridge, boom. Here's the spot. 

Cody and Heather are two totally laid back individuals that mesh brilliantly. They are funny, and know how to love. They are kind to each other, but also spat sarcasm to keep things real. These are my kind of people. Those who don't take life too seriously, and see the fun in any situation. Like me asking them to get into not so sparkling water to take a few photos and have a dance off in the middle of a field. 

Cheers to Heather and Cody. I can not wait to capture the day you say "I do!".  Until then, keep dancing and making jokes.