Ryan + Jill Engaged

It was an honor to spend the evening with these two rad humans. Jill, a close family friend, and her fiancé Ryan, chose a mix of Green Mountain and Red Rocks for their engagement session.  

Picking a location is a essential part of creating the photos we want. In this case, Green Mountain is a huge part of Ryan's life, growing up at the base of the mountain (#housegoals, right?!) We then caught the golden hour at Red Rocks, spreading the subtle light across the landscape. 

Ryan and Jill are a perfect example of teamwork. Working with 3 dogs to get the perfect family photo could have been an anxiety ridden situation, but the soft spoken words between them, made my heart smile. This is how relationships should work. Respect, gentle speech, and a love that shines. These two have it, and I can not wait until their wedding. Theirs is the first of my wedding season! Cheers!