Road Trip to the Land of Green Chili

My soul glitters at the mention of a roadtrip. Like explosions of confetti from my heart out into the world. And No, I'm not being dramatic.

To start off any road trip, we seem to have started a tradition of camping at Four Mile campground outside of Fairplay, CO. We arrive after the sun has gone down and set up camp. It's almost second nature by now. However this time, we have Shea's truck that he outfitted with a topper and a bed.  I am seriously a lucky woman to be by this man's side. He has created a camping dream on wheels. Tent camping is great and all...and I enjoy the opportunity to sleep in close proximity to the dirt... But memory foam in the back of a truck is mighty comfortable. So we make ourselves at home and cook salmon by the light of a headlamp = perfection on all accounts. 


We woke up to the sun rising over the horizon. I can't imagine a better way to start the day. Well, I can, and its with coffee, but if you know anything about us, you know it was brewing on the tailgate of the truck already. Coffee, mountains, sunrise, fog, him next to me. Yep: I have won.


Time to get moving. We've got some green chili to eat. Some is an understatement. We ate it for every meal, every restaurant. We're obsessed. And we don't care. But first, Roadtrip Photos because the Aspens are changing and it looks like everything is on fire. I'm glad its not real flames  - but it sure is stunning.


Road trips stir up the best conversations. Shea and I like to talk about life. Dreams, aspirations, goals, plans. You know, all the realizations that get the to do list doubled and the dreams more solid. We drove for hours and it seemed like minutes.  We come across a small little town that says they have a diner: we stop. We're starving and need to refuel. Saguache it is. Oh hello green chili and biscuits and gravy.  And not to mention this cute little parade going through main street for high school royalty. Shea, myself and Teller lined up along the sidewalk and waved at the teenagers on decorated trucks, cars and trailers. So cute.


Of course anywhere I go, I find something abandoned. In this town, The Saguache Hotel. I took photos through the window of the front door. Locked and locked up good. That's okay - I'm happy there are at least windows to catch a glimpse into the history of this cute little town. 

Once in New Mexico we explored Taos then stayed at an airbnb right outside of Santa Fe. A casita just for the two of us. We took the pup for a walk as the sun was setting over the desert.


Our trip to New Mexico was one of the best. We stopped at the spa Ojo Caliente where we shared in hot springs and mud baths. I couldn't be happier spending every experience with this man. My part of the trip has come to a close, as Shea continues the roadtrip to visit family, canyons and more wilderness living. I fly home and wish I was kicking my feet up on the dashboard with him, singing at the top of my lungs to "electric love" by BORNS.  Have you heard that song?! Shame on you if not. It's the perfect theme song for such a great roadtrip.  

I love coming home and looking through photos and reliving my travels to put into words for you. I makes me remember how happy life can be when lived so simple, like out of the back of a truck watching the sun do its thing.  

Cheers friends. To you and green chili.