An End to the Season

As I sit in my hotel room, unwinding from today's wedding, my eyes are misty. Tonight was my last wedding of the 2016 season and I spent it with one of the most amazing couples. One I hadn't met until today. One that will leave an impact on me forever.  Just like each of my newlywed couples. 

Today is also my 31st birthday. And how else would I want to spend it but in a room full of so much love, doing what I love most: photographing life's most precious moments.  I'll never forget the DJ playing "Go shorty, it's your birthday" and dancing with the wedding party and guests like it was my night. They showed love to someone on the other side of the guest list, because they chose to show love to everyone. 

Weddings aren't just a bunch of people wanting to have a few free drinks and dance to "shout!" - Leaving at the end of the night only to return to everyday-normal life.

Weddings are about reflecting on our lives. Taking a long look at how we love each other.  Are we loving our family and friends enough? Are we showing everyone our true feelings or appreciation and admiration? I urge you to show love more. Way more.

Tonight my eyes are most definitely misty. Because I realize that I love my job with my whole heart. It's a part of me that I get to share with all of my newlyweds. And I am one of the lucky ones. 

To my brides and grooms: How can I even tell you how I feel? I guess I'll start with the simple fact that I appreciate your love. I appreciate you allowing me to capture that love and spend your wedding day by your side. To capture your laughter, tears and memories.  To become a small part of your beautiful lives. 

As I said goodbye to my stunning bride tonight, through undeniable misty eyes, I am happy.

Cheers. Cheers to you, friends. #lovemore