I love an adventure. I get bored when standing still. The soul of a wandering spirit lives within me so I do what I love and combine photography with nature. I will always strive to evolve, explore and learn. Strive to be present. Documenting life as the chaos unfolds.


I grew up in Nebraska, where I was the child that never slowed down. A part of every organized and un-organized club, sport, and hobby. I took line dancing in 2nd grade, played percussion in the school band, and wanted art class to last all day.

Fast forward to moving to Colorado, where I fell in love with my surroundings, and found my true self. I love to go hiking, attend a spicy zumba class, and listen to records while cooking dinner. I love music, postcards and shoes. I fully embrace my inner dork and dance parties are a must. 

I am currently living in Westminster, CO with my fur babies Elton + Teller and my handsome boyfriend Shea.  We love to travel and explore new spaces and environments - usually and frequently ones not marked on a tourist map. 

I specialize in outdoor, natural light photography & strive to achieve radiant, relaxed, and fun images for you. Parks, forests, green spaces are my favorite to frequent for photoshoots, due to the authentic feel of them. Or my backyard. Its cozy. 



All images copyright Ashley Tiedgen. All rights reserved.